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The Story of Pride

All of us know that Bhima was one of the Pandava brothers who was known to be the strongest. He was also known to be proud of his strength. This story occured when the Pandavas were on exile in a forest. Bhima was walking in the forest one day when an old monkey was sitting in his path. The old monkey had a long tail which was spread across. Bhima noticed the tail and ordered the old monkey to move its tail so he can walk.

The monkey replied that it was too old and weak to move, and requested Bhima to remove the tail from his path and move on. This angered the proud Bhima. He roared "Old monkey! Dont you know who you are talking to ? I am the mighty Bhima. I will not move your tail, you have to move out of my way!".

The humble monkey told Bhima once again that it is not in a position to move at all. It once again requested Bhima to put the tail away.

Bhima saw that there is no point arguing with the old monkey. He decided to move the tail himself. As he bent down and tried to lift the tail, it would not move! He applied more of his strength, and with both hands he made a huge effort to lift the tail. Much to his frustration, the tail seemed almost glued to the ground. It did not even move an inch ! A shocked Bhima applied all of his strength to move the tail, but there was no use. The tail did not move, no matter what.

Bhima looked at the monkey in disbelief. The old monkey burst out laughing. Bhima realized this was no ordinary monkey and humbly requested the monkey to reveal its identity. The monkey disappeared, and in its place stood the mighty Hanuman.

Hanuman lovingly forgave Bhima and blessed him.

This story is such a great lesson about pride. We all like to feel proud of our good qualities. But if our pride makes us think that others are worthless, then such a pride only brings us defeat.