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Geeta Chapter 5 - The Way of Renunciation

Arjuna said:

1. Krisna, you recommend renunciation of action, and again, performance of action also; tell me decisively which is better of the two.

Sri Bhagavan said:

2. The yoga of knowledge and the yoga of Action both lead to supreme

Bliss. Of the two, however, the yoga of action is superior to the yoga of knowledge.

  1. The karmayogi who neither likes nor dislikes should be ever considered a sanyasi. For, Arjuna, he who is free from the pairs of opposites is easily freed from bondage.

  2. Ignorant, not the wise, speak of knowledge and performance of action, as distinct. He, who truly lives in one, gains the fruits of both.

  3. The Karmayogi attains the supreme state that is reached by the sankhyayogi also. Therefore, he alone who sees knowledge and performance of action as one really understands.

  4. Renunciation of action, O Arjuna is hard to attain to without performance of action; the man of meditation, purified by devotion to action, quickly reaches god-realized state.

  5. The karmayogi who has fully conquered his mind and mastered his senses, whose heart is pure, and who has identified himself with self of all beings remains untainted even though performing action.

8-9. The snnkhya yogi however, who knows reality of things, must believe, even though seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating or drinking, walking, sleeping, breathing, speaking, opening or closing eyes, that he does nothing, holding that it is senses that are moving among the objects.

  1. He, who acts offering all actions to God, and shaking off attachment, remains untouched by sin as the lotus leaf by water.

  2. The devotees in the path of work perform action only with their senses, mind, intellect and body, withdrawing the feeling of mine in respect of them and shaking off attachment, simply for the sake of self-purification.

  3. Offering the fruit of action to God, the Karmayogi attains everlasting peace in the shape of God-Realization, whereas, he who works with a selfish motive, being attached to the fruit of actions through desire, gets tied down.

  4. The self –controlled Sankhyayogi, doing nothing himself and getting nothing done by others, rests happily in God, the embodiment of truth, knowledge and Bliss, mentally banishing all actions to the city of nine gates (body).

  5. Neither agency, nor actions does the Lord create for the world, nor the union with the fruit of action. It is nature that does it all.

  6. The omnipresent God does not receive the virtue or sin of anyone. Knowledge is enveloped with ignorance; hence beings get deluded.

  7. But whose ignorance is destroyed by the knowledge of Self, in them wisdom shines like the sun and reveals the supreme (Brahman).

  8. Those whose mind and intellect are wholly merged in Him, who remain constantly established in identity with Him, and have finally become one with Him, their sins being wiped out by wisdom, reach the state from where there is no return.

  9. The knower of the Self looks with an equal eye on a Brahmana endowed with learning and humility, a cow, an elephant, a dog, means he sees same brahmn in all creatures.

  10. Existence has been conquered by them, even in this world, whose mind rests in evenness, since Brahman is even and is without imperfection: therefore they indeed rest in Brahman.

  11. He who, with reason firm and free from doubt, rejoices not on obtaining what is pleasant and does not feel disturbed on meeting with the unpleasant, that knower of Self lives eternally in identity with Brahma.

  12. With the heart unattached to external objects, he realizes the joy that is in the Self. With the heart completely identified with Brahman, he attains everlasting happiness.

  13. Since pleasures are contact-born they are the source of suffering. They have a beginning and end, therefore, O son of kunti, a wise man does not indulge in them.

  14. He alone who is able to stand - in this very life before casting off this body - the urges of lust and anger is a yogi; and he alone is a happy man.

  15. He whose happiness is within, whose relaxation is within, and whose light is within and who has identified himself with Brahman, gains absolute freedom.

  16. With imperfections exhausted, doubts dispelled, senses controlled, engaged in the good of all beings, that man obtains absolute freedom.

  17. To those wise men that are free from lust and anger, who have subdued their mind and have realized God, absolute freedom is there for such yogis, both here and hereafter.

  18. Shutting out external objects; steadying the eyes between the eyebrows; restricting the even currents of inhale and exhale inside the nostrils;

  19. The senses, mind, and intellect controlled; with liberation as the supreme goal; freed from desire, fear, and anger: such a man of meditation is verily free forever.


End of fifth chapter, designated, The Way of Renunciation.



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