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Virtual Ganesh Pooja

Ganapathi Bappa Morya!!!
Here at India Unlimited, we are going to celebrate Virtual Ganesh Pooja for 10 days and we will add something new related to Ganesh Pooja for the next 10 days. Stay tuned...

Day 1 - Ganesh Chaturthi

India Unlimited wishes all its fans and viewers a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi. In India Ganesh Pooja is celebrated in homes as well as in public places for 10 days. The first day is on Chaturthi and the last day is on Chaturdashi or the day before the full moon.

Khirapat - Recipe to make a popular prasad

KhirapatIn Maharashtra, khirapat is often given as a prasad during Ganapati. It is very easy to make and you can do little variation as per your liking. You can make it in advance and store it in a container..... Click here for Khirapat

Story of Ganesh and Ganesh Shloka

Ganesh PoojaGanesha also known as Ganapathi is always the first god worshiped before undertaking any work. He is also the remover of all impediments. There are at least two slightly different versions of how he got the elephant head.... click here to read Story of Ganesh and Ganesh Shloka