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Ganesha's vehicle mouse Kroncha

GaneshGanesha's vehicle is the mouse. The mouse was a god called Kroncha.

At the assembly of Lord Indra, Kroncha accidentally stepped on the toes of Muni Vamadeva, another god. Muni Vamadeva thought that Kroncha had done so intentionally and got angry and cursed Kroncha to become a mouse. Terrified, Kroncha fell to his knees and pleaded for mercy. This subdued Muni Vamadeva’s anger and he realized his mistake. However, Vamadeva could not retract the curse, but offered that Kroncha would meet Lord Ganesh and become his vehicle and become worthy of worship even by gods.

And so it was. Kroncha, transformed into a mouse by the curse of Vamadeva Muni and fell into the hermitage of Maharshi Parashar, the father of Rishi Vyasa.

Kroncha, however, was no ordinary mouse. In fact, he was as big as a mountain and frightening. He caused a lot of trouble and destroyed everything in his path, just like a mountain-sized mouse could be expected to do.

Lord Ganesha, who was being taken care of by Maharshi Parashar and his wife Vatsala in the hermitage, heard all the commotion and decided to do something this mouse. Ganesha unleashed one of his weapons: a pasha (noose), which he sent flying in the direction of Kroncha. The pasha was so radiant its light filled the entire universe. Pasha chased the mouse and looped around his neck and brought Kroncha to Ganesha’s feet.

Lord Ganesha said: “Kroncha, you have troubled the Sages and Brahmins to no end, but since you ask for forgiveness, I shall use you as my vehicle.”