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Virtual Ganesh Pooja

Ganapathi Bappa Morya!!!
Here at India Unlimited, we are going to celebrate Virtual Ganesh Pooja for 10 days and we will add something new related to Ganesh Pooja for the next 10 days. Stay tuned...

Ananth Chaturdashi

Ganapathi Bappa Morya agale baras tu jaldi aa (pudhachya varshi lavakar ya)

The Festivities of Ganesh Pooja ends on Ananth Chaturdashi. The Ganesh Visarjan is captured beautifully in many Bollywood movies

Here are some of the songs that capture the spirit of Visarjan.

This song from Agneepath with Amitabh Bachchan and Mithun captures the spirit of Ganapathi Visarjan complete with lezim

Here's one from Don for all King Khan fans

This iconic song from Hum se Badhkar Kaun brings back memories of Ganesh Visarjan

This old song featuring Sunil Dutt captures the streets of Mumbai and real life festivities of visarjan.

Day 10 - Ganesh Trayodashi

What is Ganesh Pooja without the modaks. Here's the recipe for everyone's favorite "Ukadi che Modak"

Ukadiche Modak

Day 9 - Ganesh Dwadashi

Stay with the times, make your carbon foot print small. Here are some pictures of eco friendly "green" Ganapathi sent by our fan. The "Nisarga Mitra Sanstha" of Kolhapur are the initiators of this effort.

Eco friendly Ganapathi

Green Ganapathi

Day 8 - Ganesh Ekadashi

Here's a link to the popular aarti in Hindi "Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva"

Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh Deva
Mata jaki Parvati, pita Mahadeva.

Ek dant dayavant, char bhuja dhari
Mathe par tilak sohe, muse ki savari
Pan chadhe, phul chadhe, aur chadhe meva
Ladduan ka bhog lage, sant kare seva.

Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh Deva,
Mata jaki Parvati, pita Mahadeva...

Andhan ko ankh det, kodhin ko kaya
Banjhan ko putra det, nirdhan ko maya
Surya shaam sharan aye, safal kije seva.

Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh, Jai Ganesh Deva,
Mata jaki Parvati, Pita Mahadeva...

Day 7 - Ganesh Dashami

What is Ganapathi pooja without the aarathees (artis) Here's the link to the popular Sukh Karta Dukh harta

Sukhkarta Dukhharta Varta Vighnachi
Nurvi Purvi Prem Krupa Jayachi
Sarvangi Sundara Ati Shendurachi
Kanthi Zalakemaal Mukta Phalaachi

Jaidev Jaidev Jai Mangal Murti
Darshan Maatre Mann Kaamna Purti
Jaidev Jaidev

Ratna Ghachita Phara Tujh Gauri kumra
Chandanachi Uti Kumkum keshara
Hire Jadita Mukuta Shobhato Bhara
Runzun ti Nupure Charni Ghagariya

Jaidev Jaidev Jai Mangal Murti
Darshan Maatre Mann Kaamna Purti...

Lambodar Pitaambar Parivar Vandana
Saral Sonda Vakratunda Tri Nayana
Das Ramacha Vat Pahe Sadna
Sankati Pavave Nirvani Rakshave Survar Vandana
Jaidev Jaidev
Jaidev Jaidev Jai Mangal Murti
Darshan Maatre Mann Kaamna Purti...

Day 6 - Ganesh Navami

Ganesha Symbolism

Indian philosophy relies heavily on symbolism and Ganesh is not exception. Here's a look at the symbolism of Ganesh including his vehicle mouse

Ganesh Symbolism

Day 5 - Ganesh Ashtami

Story of Ganesha's vehicle-mouse

GanapathiGanesh or Ganapathi's vehicle is the mouse. The mouse is said to be a demi God called Kroncha. Read the Story of Ganesha's vehicle-mouse.

Day 4 - Ganesh Saptami

Ganesh pooja  by fanPicture of Ganesh pooja sent by one of our fans.


Atharvashirsh is Ganesh shloka chanted by devotees. Click here for Atharvashirsh

Pedhe Modak

Day 3 - Ganesh Shashthi

Our fan sent this easy to make Pedhe Modak

Pedhe Modak by Ashwini Khembete Rege

Day 2 - Ganesh Panchami

Here's a good video to show to kids on the story of Ganesh.

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Day 1 - Ganesh Chaturthi

India Unlimited wishes all its fans and viewers a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi. In India Ganesh Pooja is celebrated in homes as well as in public places for 10 days. The first day is on Chaturthi and the last day is on Chaturdashi or the day before the full moon.

Khirapat - Recipe to make a popular prasad

KhirapatIn Maharashtra, khirapat is often given as a prasad during Ganapati. It is very easy to make and you can do little variation as per your liking. You can make it in advance and store it in a container..... Click here for Khirapat

Story of Ganesh and Ganesh Shloka

Ganesh PoojaGanesha also known as Ganapathi is always the first god worshiped before undertaking any work. He is also the remover of all impediments. There are at least two slightly different versions of how he got the elephant head.... click here to read Story of Ganesh and Ganesh Shloka

Story of Ganesha

 Ganesha also known as Ganapathi is always the first god worshiped before undertaking any work. He is also the remover of all impediments. There are at least two slightly different versions of how he got the elephant head.

According to Shiv Purana, Lord Shiva had gone on war with his ganas. Goddess Parvati, his wife, wanted to take a bath. Having no attendants to guard the door and prevent some one from coming in accidentally, she created a small boy out of the turmeric paste and dirt of her skin. She then infused life into the statue and very beautiful boy was created. She asked him to guard the entrance and not allow any one inside until she said it was okay to do so.

It so happened that Shiva came back from his trip and demanded to enter his own house. The little boy did not know him and refused to disobey his mother. Shiva tried various ways with the boy but the boy refused to let him in. Shiva then sent his ganas to fight the little boy, but they were no match to the little boy who easily defeated them Finally, Shiva went to fight with him and after a fierce battle he severed the head of the little boy.

Hearing the commotion Parvati came out and found her son decapitated. She was filled with sorrow and rage. She demanded the boy be brought back to life. Shiva, who is the destroyer in the trinity Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, could not bring back the little boy to life. Parvati created numerous shaktis (forms of herself) to devour the ganas. Brahma, the creator and Vishnu, the preserver, came to calm Parvati. Brahma agreed to bring the boy to life but could not use the severed head. Shiva asked his ganas to go and bring the head of an animal who was lying with his head to the north direction. The ganas found an elephant and brought back its head. Brahma put the head of the elephant and brought the little boy to life.

Parvati was now worried for her strange looking son. So, Shiva made him the chief of his gana hence the name Ganapathi(leader of the ganas) or Ganesh (lord of the ganas). Brahma and Vishnu blessed the boy Ganesha that he will always be the first god worshiped and will be the remover of impediments and hence always very popular.

Another version of this story goes like this. Shiva and Parvati were blessed with a baby boy. All the gods came to see the beautiful baby. However, Shani (Saturn) would not look at him. This did not go unnoticed by Parvati. She demanded that Shani look at the baby. Shani looked at the baby and the head burned instantaneously to ashes. Parvati was beside herself in grief. To pacify Parvati, Shiva asked his ganas to get the head of anyone lying with their head to the north. The ganas found a elephant and brought his head back. Shiva revived the baby with the elephant head.

Prayer to Lord Ganesa before starting any work

Vakratunda mahakaya soorya koti samaprabha

nirvighnam kurumay deva sarva karyeshu sarvada.

Vinayaka namasthubyam sarva deva namaskrutha

Avignam kurumey deva sarva karyeshu sarvadha

Sumukascha eka dhanthascha kapilo gajakarnakaha

Lambodharascha vikato vignarajo Gajanana:

Vakra thunda sorupa karnaha heramba skanda poorvajaha

                                                                          Shodasaithani namani yah pateth srunayadhapi

                                                                     Vidyarambe vivahacha pravesey nirgamamey thatha

                                                                            Sangramey sarva karyeshu vignasthasya na jayathey.

Ganesha Symbolism

Read and listen to Atharvasheersha
Try delicious Pedhe Modak and Khirapat
Make your own Ganapati Idol

Ganesha's vehicle mouse Kroncha

GaneshGanesha's vehicle is the mouse. The mouse was a god called Kroncha.

At the assembly of Lord Indra, Kroncha accidentally stepped on the toes of Muni Vamadeva, another god. Muni Vamadeva thought that Kroncha had done so intentionally and got angry and cursed Kroncha to become a mouse. Terrified, Kroncha fell to his knees and pleaded for mercy. This subdued Muni Vamadeva’s anger and he realized his mistake. However, Vamadeva could not retract the curse, but offered that Kroncha would meet Lord Ganesh and become his vehicle and become worthy of worship even by gods.

And so it was. Kroncha, transformed into a mouse by the curse of Vamadeva Muni and fell into the hermitage of Maharshi Parashar, the father of Rishi Vyasa.

Kroncha, however, was no ordinary mouse. In fact, he was as big as a mountain and frightening. He caused a lot of trouble and destroyed everything in his path, just like a mountain-sized mouse could be expected to do.

Lord Ganesha, who was being taken care of by Maharshi Parashar and his wife Vatsala in the hermitage, heard all the commotion and decided to do something this mouse. Ganesha unleashed one of his weapons: a pasha (noose), which he sent flying in the direction of Kroncha. The pasha was so radiant its light filled the entire universe. Pasha chased the mouse and looped around his neck and brought Kroncha to Ganesha’s feet.

Lord Ganesha said: “Kroncha, you have troubled the Sages and Brahmins to no end, but since you ask for forgiveness, I shall use you as my vehicle.”

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