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A Buddhist Tale

BuddhaBuddha was/is an epitome of silence. His silence was said to be more powerful than his words. Here's another of my fav stories from Buddhist folklore. The incident happened at that time when Buddha became very popular among people for his powerful presence and his ability to make people meditate. In the time of the Buddha, there was a rich businessman whose wife and children were ardent Buddhists. The businessman hated the Buddha for drawing his family away from materialism.

One day, as usual, when Buddhists had assembled to meditate in the presence of the Buddha, the businessman arrived to teach the Buddha a lesson. He walked up to the Buddha in full public view and abused him. Buddha remained calm and composed, this angered the businessman even more. He increased his volley of words and to the shock of everyone present, spat at the Buddha in his face. Buddha still did not react, but remained smiling. The businessman, unable to bear Buddha's calm and composure, left the scene.

That night, the businessman was filled with remorse. He realized that there was indeed something great about the Buddha's presence, his acceptance and his composure. The next morning, he decided to ask the Buddha for forgiveness. When he went to the
Buddha this time, he was received with great love and respect. The businessman was shocked. There was no sign of anger. He asked the Buddha to forgive him, Buddha smiled and told the businessman that the person that abused him the previous day is different from the person that he is today. So, in reality, there is no one to be forgiven.
This struck a chord in the businessman who became an ardent Buddhist later.

For me, the message here is that we are all changing everyday. If someone has not been good at some point of time, its foolish to brand them that way. Likewise, those who have been good at sometime might turn out differently another time. Its best to accept this fact when we are dealing with people, so our relationships remain healthy.