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Father's day - Story of Babar Humayun

This is a father-son story unlike any other….the story of Babar, the great Moghul Emperor and his son Humayun.

One day Humayun fell ill and Babar became very sad. He summoned the best doctor in his empire.  The doctor treated Humayun with utmost care, but his condition did not improve. The doctor finally said, “His condition is now fatal and only God save him.”


Babar lost all hope and with great sadness, he knelt down and prayed. “God, please save my son.” Just then, he heard the Queen weeping. He consoled her and said, “Have faith in God. He alone can save our son.” The Queen requested the king to consult with Abdul Baka, the most pious man in town.

“Medicines have failed,” said Abdul Baka. “Still I believe that Humayun will be alright. Pray to God and offer him the most valuable thing in your house”. “What’s the most valuable thing in my house?” asked Babar. “You have the most valuable diamond with you. Sell that diamond and you will get lakhs of rupees. You may give the money to the poor. God may then save you son’s life”, said Abdul Baka.

“The diamond is no doubt very valuable, but my life is more valuable than the diamond,” the King said to the pious man. “I offer my life”. Saying this Babar walked round the bed of Humayun. He knelt down and said, “God, take my life and give life to my son”.


Suddenly the doctor saw Humayun uttering a few words. ”Oh Emperor! I can see his pulse beat”. Your son will be normal soon, cried the pious man. “God has answered my prayer”. So saying, Babar fell down and died a little later.

Monsoon in India

monsoon path on Indian mapThe term monsoon was first used in Indian subcontinent to refer to the rainfall from the prevailing seasonal winds. Monsoon rainfall as defined in Hydrology occurs in any region that receives the majority of its rainfall during a particular season. This allows certain regions of North America, South America, Sub-Sahara Africa, Australia and East-Asia as monsoon regions.

The Tibetan Plateau uplifted some 50 million years ago with the collision of India and Asia. As a result the monsoon in India started some 8 million years ago.


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