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Happy Sankranthi

Happy Sankranthi! The only Indian Festival that falls on the same day every year. Sweets made up of Jaggery (special Indian Molasses available at Indian Grocery stores) have a special place. Til or sesame seeds are also used as main ingredient in the special preparations. Til or Sesame seeds are rich in calcium and gul or the jaggery is rich in iron. Tilgul is one of the most nutritious sweets.

Gul Poli - A tortilla or roti made with Jaggery and sesame seeds

Happy Diwali

Sankranthi or Pongal - Information about this festival celebrated in South Asia

Tilgul the most nutritious sweet

Karnataka style Pulyogore, a rice made on special occasions

Deep Pakora

Ponganalu or appe or fadda - a breakfast item is a cross between idalli and vada

Coconut Rice - A special rice made on festive occasions