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Nobody knows whether Sai baba was a hindu or a muslim just like the poet saint Kabir whom Sai Baba admired. It is known that he lived with a Muslim Fakir and a Hindu Guru before he attained self enlightenment. The hindus believe him to be a reincarnation of Dattatreya. He lived in an old mosque in Shirdi and called it Dwarka Mai. His favorite phrase was “Allah Malik” meaning God is the Master. One Diwali night, a group of very poor children were crying because they had no oil to light lamps. Baba poured water into tins and made wicks out of rags and lighted the lamps.

He possessed nothing and never begged for money. He forbade his followers from ever asking for money. One day two gentlemen came to visit Baba. One of them offered nothing and the other offered Rs. 35. Baba refused to take the money but asked the first gentleman to give a dakshina of Rs. 15.

Shyama, who watched the whole scene was intrigued and asked Baba for an explanation. Baba told him two stories. A man comes to a big city and is struggling to make a living. He offers his salary for the first month if God shows him his way. He soon gets a job and makes Rs. 15 in the first month. He makes steady progress and within a year, he is earning Rs 170 every month. To free him from his Karmic debt, I asked him to offer Rs 15 as the dakshina.

The second story goes like this, a man has his life's earnings in a cupboard in his house. A thief removes the bricks from the wall and steals all his money. The man is distraught. He is sitting out side on the porch disheartened. He promises to take the darshan(visit) of Baba if he receives his stolen money. A few days later, his cook comes to him and says “I stole you money. However, I could not sleep in good conscience for what I did to you. Hence, I am returning your money back.” He only promised for a darshan, which he took when he came here. I do not need his money. He had not promised any money to God.