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The Lion That Was Brought to Life

In a city in ancient India, there lived four friends. Three of them were learned scholars but fell short on common sense. The fourth one, Subuddhi, wasn’t very educated but had a lot of common sense. One day, they all decided to travel and seek the patronage of kings so that they could make a lot of money. Two of the learned friends didn’t want to take Subuddhi along and share their earnings with him since he was unlettered. However, the third learned friend said, “We have played together since childhood and he is one of us. We shouldn’t really abandon him like this.” Finally, the other two were convinced.

During their travels, the four friends reached a forest. There they saw a heap of bones. One of them said, “Here is an opportunity to test our learning. It looks like some animal is dead. Let us bring it to life using our knowledge.” So the first scholar used his powers to assemble the bones into a skeleton. Then the second learned man filled it with flesh and blood and covered it with skin. Just as the third friend was about to create life in the animal’s body, Subuddhi, the one with the common sense exclaimed, “This looks like a lion. If he comes to life, he will kill all of us!”

But the other three were in no mood to listen. They didn’t want to lose this glorious opportunity to test their learning. So Subuddhi quickly climbed up a nearby tall tree, seeking safety. As soon as the lion became alive, he saw the three learned men and killed them instantly.

Moral: Become wise, not just learned.