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The Tortoise and The Geese

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Once upon a time there lived a tortoise in a big lake. He was great friends with a pair of geese. One season, the area was hit by severe drought and the big lake was drying up fast. So the three friends decided to leave the place immediately and move to a new lake. The problem however was that the tortoise couldn’t fly.

After much thought, the geese came up with a clever plan. They asked the tortoise to hold on to a piece of sturdy stick with its mouth. The geese would then hold it on either ends and fly together with the stick and tortoise. The only condition was that the tortoise would remain silent throughout the journey. If he uttered even a word, he would fall off the stick from a great height and meet his death. The tortoise agreed to this.

So the geese started flying along with the stick and the tortoise. They crossed plains, rivers, and big valleys. When they arrived over a city, the people there saw this strange sight and started laughing, making fun of the three friends. Upon hearing the commotion, the tortoise became very anxious and wanted to know what was going on. And then he opened his mouth to ask what the people were laughing about. Immediately, he fell down from the skies and died. If only, he had remembered to keep quiet, he could have saved his life!

Moral: Think before you act! Foolish actions can lead to dangerous outcomes.