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The Story of Three Fish

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There lived three fish in a small pond - Anaga, Pratyu and Yadbhavishya. One evening, some fishermen were passing by. When they saw the pond filled with lot of fish, they decided to come the next day to catch them.

Anaga happened to overhear the fishermen’s conversation. So he summoned all the fish in the pond and warned them of the impending danger. He also suggested that everyone should move out of the pond that night. He said ”According to wise men, the weak should flee when the strong invade or seek refuge in a fort.”

Upon hearing this, Pratyu supported Anaga and said “Yes, let's go somewhere else. Those who are not afraid of foreign lands who can prosper anywhere.” However, Yadbhavishya laughed loudly and said “That’s doesn’t make any sense. Why should we leave this pond, the home of our forefathers, just because of the fishermen? If we are destined to die, we cannot escape it even if we go elsewhere. And if we have God’s blessings, no one can kill us.”

So Anaga and Pratyu left the pond that night, leaving behind Yadbhavishya. The next day, the fishermen came as per plan and caught a whole lot of fish. Yadbhavishya was one among them and he soon lost his life.

Moral: Those who can foresee problems and deal them in a timely manner always win. Those who just trust their fate and do nothing always lose.