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Craft for kids

Musical boxUS is the land of opportunities as they say. It does have lots to offer to our kids as well. I really like some of the things here like the libraries with access to unlimited books that too categorized by age groups, reading programs they have for kids with rewards that mean a LOT for the kids, goal being to get them into reading.  There are also fun activities hosted by big stores like Lowes ,Home depo (there might be many more) where they encourage kids to build crafts (with adult help of course). Today I am going to share one of the crafts that my Son did last year during Valentine’s day. It’s a very cute heart shaped musical box (as seen in pic). I was very happy to see the craft when it got home. I still remember the moment he got it home & was so excited about the music that starts when you open the box. He figured out (quite fast) how to stop it even if the lid was open. It is amazing to see the kids involvement in making the craft with such enthusiasm. Even my younger one would get excited about the event. Even though he was not eligible (age wise) to participate, he would still have fun watching his Big brother work on the craft. He would also pick up a hammer, wear the apron & pretend to be busy building something, just to get involved :) These events turn into wonderful memories for our kids. Not only does it help them create & learn something new but it’s also an opportunity for the parents to bond with their children. I would highly recommend all parents to get involved in such events & build wonderful sweet memories to cherish in future.