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Turkey Craft

Turkey CraftThis is a Thanksgiving craft and works great for keeping the kids busy during the holidays.

Materials Needed: 

Craft sticks



Pistachio shells

Lentils such as Moong dal, Chana dal, Masoor dal

School Glue


1) Take a print out of a turkey picture.

2) Take some craft sticks of small or large size.

3) First color the sticks dark brown and let them dry. Then color them orange at one end and yellow at the other end. Let the two colors dry. These sticks will serve as feathers.

4) Take some pistachio shells and color them yellow. These are for the turkey feet. Also color one of the shells red to use for the nose.

5) Take some colored buttons and glue them around the neck of the turkey and above the feet.

6) For the eyes use two black buttons.

7) The neck is decorated using Moong dal.

8) The inner feathers are decorated using Chana dal.

9) For the body Masoor dal is used.

10) The remaining face portion can be colored yellow and orange using watercolors.

I used specific dals for specific body parts to achieve the right color combination and also for the size. Since the neck area is smaller compared to the rest of the body, I chose Moong dal for its small size and nice light yellow color. For the body I needed something brown so Masoor dal came into the picture. And for the feathers I needed some dark yellow so Chana dal was selected. You can also use Toor dal here. You can use other dals as well to make it more colorful. For the feathers I chose to use craft sticks as I could get 3 different shades in one stick. Also, I arranged them such that yellow portion is facing upwards and the orange portion towards the body to make it look brighter.