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Pirate hat

Pirate HatSummer vacations are always fun for kids. You can make it memorable for them by involving them in craft activities needed for special events at their Summer camps. I did the same thing for my 6 year old. They had to dress like a Pirate one day so I decided to create a pirate hat for him at home. Best part is you do not need anything extra & can use the things that are easily available at home. I put this project under the category "Best out of waste" as I used Cheerios box as the base for this hat.

Things needed
1) Pirate hat template (search online) or you can even draw it free hand, its very simple
2) Cardboard (that forms the base of the hat). I used Cheerios box
3) Glue
4) Scissors
5) Stapler

1) Print out the Pirate template. I asked my son to cut it along the border for me so that way he also contributed towards the project.
2) I cut out strips from Cheerios box with a mount in the middle as seen in the picture. 2 mounts are needed (for front & back)
3) Measure the child's head & staple the cardboard cutouts so that they fit him properly
4) Stick black paper on the sides (as seen in picture) to hide the box labeling on the sides of the hat
5) Finally stick the main template on the front side & back side to make the Pirate hat.

Note: Make sure that the blank side (brown color, without print) is on the inside. Templates will be glued to the printed side of the cardboard so nobody can guess the material the hat was made from (in case you too plan to use some box as the base)

I also made eye patch for him but that's is optional.