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100th Day Project

In the US, many schools celebrate '100th Day of School'. Recently, my son also had his celebration and I decided to make it a fun event! We worked together on a creative project, rather than just giving him 100 things to take to his class. This year we had lot of snow, so Snowman was our theme.  This was a “Best out of Waste” project. We used styro-foam (packaging material) as the base. Apart from the glittery blue paper & the clear plastic cover, everything else is commonly available household material. My son was very excited to take his project to school.


Doing such small things with children makes a BIG difference for them. So my message to all you parents out there...Get involved with your kids' activities/projects & make it more fun for them!


How did we co-create this masterpiece?


1) I took 5 print outs of a snowman picture (just the structure) & my son cut them out.


2) I took a print out of each accessory (hat & scarf) which he cut, colored with crayons and then glued to the main structure. He colored the nose orange. So other than the eyes (dots) everything was made by him.


3) We put a big smile on each snowman with 7 grains on Lentils & the body was decorated with M&M's.


4) At school he counted & showed 20 things on each snowman. Thus, five 5 snowmen added  up to make 100 things!