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Air Dry Clay from Crayola

air dry clay from cryolaThe air dry clay from crayola comes in handy jars of 2.5lb or 5.0 lb. It is white in color and has a consistency of a little hard play dough clay. It rolls well and can be made into fun shapes. Let your creations air dry overnight to turn into hard solid. The clay does not crack when it dries. This clay is also ideal to make little Ganesh idols at home for Ganesh Chaturthi or make souvenirs with kids hand or foot prints.  Available at Target and walmart and other stores or order it online. The website for Airy Dry Clay has additional project ideas http://www.crayola.com/canwehelp/products/airdryclay/gallery.cfm

Pop art Pixies – create a water bottle

pixie art water bottleThis kit from Crayola has an aluminum water bottle, a carabiner clip, stencils and six colors. The kit attempts at making the water bottle cool and help reduce our carbon footprint. There is a website around the pop art pixies with a digital persona for each of the pop-art pixie. This water bottle is a creation of Skye. Checkout the instructions and other cool pop-art pixie products at http://www.popartpixies.com/products/WaterBottle.cfm
Available at Target or order it online at Amazon.

Science Wiz Inventions Science Kit

Science Wiz InventionsAs a kid, you have so many questions as to how electricity works. Science Wiz inventions kit is a perfect way to educate your kids about basics of electricity and also give them hands on experience. It is a award winning kit which includes all the material to build different doable projects such as spinning motor, a clicking telegraph, a working radio and a flashing generator in a extremely safe way. The kit also includes the 3D illustration book which makes learning easy and increases the understanding of central scientific concepts,allowing children to discover the "why" as well as the "how".
This kit has been the recipient of different awards such as Scientific American Young Reader's book Award, National Parenting Mfg. Award and Astra Hot Picks 2002 Toy award.
Ages : 8 years and up
Available at – Toys r us, Amazon. and Barnes & Noble


Paperoni ArtThe paperoni art comes in a kit with everything you need to make the art. Paperoni is small rolled up crepe paper. It has 2 varieties 3D or 2D. You take the skeleton and it has glue on it. Now just press each of the paperoni on the skeleton to create your art. I got this elephant for my kid. The good thing about this art is it is not messy, kids have to focus and develop patience doing it. Now for the bad part, the glue is not that good and the art starts to fall apart real fast. For the focus and patience part, I would recommend it. Take a picture of the finished art quickly to show it to grandparents!!!

Lego City

Lego CityLego blocks are not just for toddlers. Lego has this whole series for the older kids and their parents. Lego City!!! Construct cars, people, airplanes, houses, image a city and you can build it. Each item generally comes in a package. If you are starting out, start with something simple like this car shown in the picture. The details are amazing. The door opens, there is steering wheel, windshield and a seat. The man has hair-piece, a suitcase and can stand or sit. With under 50 pieces for the construction,  the endeavor can be completed quickly. As the kid build confidence, try more complicated construction.

Several Lego City versions are available online at amazon.com


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