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The Fear That is Inside of You

fear is inside of youverse 1: Insecurity is  the word

             that describes you

             why do you care so much

             don't go changing yourself

             you have found little pieces

             to a person inside of you

             a person

             who makes the world

             more colorful

             and enchanting

             your shadow is lighting with


             so why are you hiding

chorus: Free yourself from the pain

            you have caused your soul

            open up

            stop pretending you are

            different from the world

            find yourself

            when you listen to your heart

            the fear is inside of you

            Let it out

verse 2: Compressed  inside

              one person after another

             get a life

             stop hurting and


             you’ll find your heart

             beats the same way

             for every personality change

             No clothes

             No names

             will define you

             you have to be awaken

             from the darkness

             and choose to

             become the light

             of your enlightenment


Bridge: Searing pain

          sitting in a corner in the back

         Why do you have to be

          ashamed of what you lack

         you are PERFECT as  every

         human is

         staple all those pieces

         to make a greatness

         you are gifted with all those talents

         you can choose to use it or waste them

         you have to find that person who

         can tell you

         Be you Be proud Become yourself

         and shout out loud

         To: all the people that hide and

         are wasting their precious  time


The Fear That is Inside of You