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The Book

"THE BOOK”by Rashmi 06/26/08         Age 11 years

It’s 1:23 pm on a hot summer day,

I see all the little kids going out to play,

I want to feel the wind in my hair…

But in the sky there’s one grey cloud I stare,

All of a sudden there’s lightning, I’m scared.

After an hour I look,

Apparently on the bench there is a book.

I go to the bench to see the book,

And the bookmark for the book was a hook,

I guessed the book was about a sea

But when I read the book t’was about a bee,

I wonder why the bookmark for the book would be a hook,

While I am wondering someone took the book,

Now I will never see how the book ends,

But I’m glad to see how the book begins.

The Book