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Nashville Flood

When the flood started:

I wNashville Floodsas at home, but it wasn’t raining that hard. The rain was all calm and drizzly, just the way I liked it. In my head I was thinking: It is just a simple storm. The rain slowed down, so I went to dance class. Forty minutes into my dance class my mom told my dance teacher her parking lot was flooding. It was normal, for her, since she had a creek nearby. My dance teacher let our class out early so we would all reach home safely. On the way home the streets were crowded. It took my mom and I, two hours to reach home. The scary part was we were about to cross a bridge when it suddenly flooded. There were people crossing the bridge when that happened.

When I got home, my dad was watching the news. There was chaos. A freeway was flooded. There were like ninety cars on that freeway. Luckily, everyone was safe. There was also the roof of a school’s trailer floating on that freeway. It said HOPE on the top.


Water started coming onto our road. All the kids on my street wanted to go play in the water. The water was ankle-height. At 12:00, the water started rising and some houses got flooded. All I knew was that we were trapped in our neighborhood. We couldn’t watch the news since we didn’t have power. At 3:00, my dad realized that we should move evrything upstairs. By 4:00, the water wrapped around my house. We had to evacuate OUR HOUSE. Never did I ever think in my life, that this would happen. I mean I saw this happen to people on the news, but now it struck me because this time it was my turn. Tears fell from my eyes.
We were in my backyard now, lightning and thunder over our heads. We didn’t know where to go. Then we met these two nice people, who let us stay at there house for a few days. They were complete strangers but they shared their food and house with us.

The next week:

We were fixing our house. We tore down our walls, floors, and insulation. Tons of people helped with the work. They brought food and HOPE.

Nashville Flood