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The Book

"THE BOOK”by Rashmi 06/26/08         Age 11 years

It’s 1:23 pm on a hot summer day,

I see all the little kids going out to play,

I want to feel the wind in my hair…

But in the sky there’s one grey cloud I stare,

All of a sudden there’s lightning, I’m scared.

After an hour I look,

Apparently on the bench there is a book.

I go to the bench to see the book,

And the bookmark for the book was a hook,

I guessed the book was about a sea

But when I read the book t’was about a bee,

I wonder why the bookmark for the book would be a hook,

While I am wondering someone took the book,

Now I will never see how the book ends,

But I’m glad to see how the book begins.

The Book

Coming to America

घर छोड के आया था, अमेरिका घुमने चाहा था
मुझे क्या पता था, यहा इतना काम पडा था

दोस्त बने है सारे, एक से बढकर एक प्यारे
साथ में बैठके देखते है "फूल बने अंगारे"
होते थे हम सब "एक दुजे के लिये"
सब के बच्चे पैदा हुये जैसे "घर घर फूल खिले"

दो से बन गये चार, सब ने लिया घर जिस में है बेडरूम चार
फिर भी याद आती है, घर का बना हुआ अचार
यहां हम लेते है रोज  बहुत सारे colorful picture
कभी कभी भूला न पाया इंडिया के काले बडे मच्छर
सब लोग पूछते है यहां है क्या कमी
बहुत बार miss करते है daddy और mummy

Ghar chod ke aaya tha, America ghoomne chaahaa tha
Mujhe kya patha tha, yahaa itna kaam pada tha

Dost bane hai saare, ek se badhkar ek pyaare
Saath mein baithke dekhthethe "Phool bane angaare"

Hote the hum sab "EK dooje ke liye"
Sab ke bachche paida hue jaise " Ghar Ghar Phool khile"

Do se ban gaye chaar, sab ne liya ghar jis mein hain bedroom chaar
Phir bhi yaad aati hain, ghar ka banaa hua aachaar

Yahaa hum lete hain roj bahu sare colorful picture
Kabhi kabhi bhulaa na paaye india ke kaale bade machchar

Sub log poochte hain yahaa hai kya kami
Bahut baar miss karte hain daddy aur mummy.

Coming to America

Cracked Up To Be - a review

Cracked up to be - a reviewJust a few days ago, I read a book called “Cracked up To Be” by Courtney Summers. I am not a very avid reader like my mom, but I haven’t read a book this good in a while. This book is about a teenager who talks about her past and her present and how this will affect her future. There’s this little mystery in the book and I don’t really want to give it away, but I can tell you this, if you like a book where there’s drama, love and swear words involved, then you will really enjoy reading this book. When I was reading this book, I was confused a bit in the beginning, but after reading a bit more of the book, I realized that it all fit together. I also liked that the story related to an everyday teenager’s life, with a bit more intensity at points. And, if I’m not wrong, isn’t that a sign of a good book?!

Cracked Up To Be - a review

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