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Window To Your World

Window to your world

A:         Sitting on a bench

Looking past the plastic glass

            Through all the clouds

            Everything is dead

            Nothing’s moving

            Nothing’s still

            Everything is frozen and dull

B1:       Close your eyes

            And drift away

            Past the sky Window To Your World


Learning My Mother Tongue

 My experience in learning my mother tongue Marathi started when my grandparents came to visit my family in the United States when I was 6 years old. They would speak in Marathi with me, but I would speak in English. I could understand Marathi but they couldn’t understand my “fluent” English. During this same period of time, my mom was trying to get me to speak in Marathi more. One day I woke up and the first thing she told me was “Shubham, if you don’t speak in Marathi with me, Pappa, Aaji, or Aba, then we’re not going to talk to you at all!” I didn’t think she meant it at first so I kept on talking in English. “Hey Pappa! Wanna go for a stroll in the park?” No reply. “Pappa! Did you hear me?” I made eye contact yet I had gotten no reply! Then I remembered what my mom told me that morning.

So I asked my dad “Pappa, apan pheraila jai cha ka?” I had gotten the reply I wanted. “Chala! Apan jaoo.” I had gotten the message that day. So I started speaking in Marathi with my parents, my grandparents, aunties and uncles. One day I accidentally called my teacher aiee! Over the years I have learned Marathi more and more and my vocabulary has improved. I have also noticed some many Pros in learning Marathi.

The pros of Marathi are so many I have to break them down into 3 sections, Academic, Career wise, and Social. Lets start with the academic pros. Through learning Marathi I have learned a lot more about my culture and Indian history. How? When my grandparents came to visit they would always tell me stories about Shivaji Maharaj and my dad would tell me stories about how life was in India when he was a kid.  They all would teach me shloks, such as the Gayatri Mantram and Shubham Karoti. They would teach me the meanings of them and they would tell me why we celebrate Diwali, and Holi. All these things helped me a lot, even through my school career. How? In 7th grade we learn about India’s history, and you guessed it, I passed that class with flying colors! Learning Marathi has also been proven by scientists to improve your IQ.

There are also social outcomes of learning Marathi. MMA (Maharashtra Mandal of Atlanta)  is a social group my parents have joined to bring together the community of Marathi speaking citizens of Atlanta. Through MMA I have met some of my good friends today such as Vikram, Soham, Neil, Tejus and Anay. Marathi also allows me to communicate more. Whenever I go to India, I make friends at the park from playing cricket. Communicating with them isn’t that hard because I know how to speak Marathi. They have told me, as an IBCD (Indian-born-confused-desi), my Marathi is pretty impressive. Career wise, I’m going to use my father as an example since I don’t have a job yet. He has his own company called Niche Consulting Inc. Since he can speak Marathi, some of his employees and clients are from India, and he communicates with them very well. Speaking Marathi can open you up to many new job opportunities and I aspire that someday it will open me up to a great career.

There is only one con of learning Marathi. That is that learning the letters and shapes of the Marathi alphabet is very difficult.  Memorizing all the ways to say the words and all the “swars” is very hard and it takes time to learn. But this is one of those cons that can be fixed, over time these things get easier and easier. With more practice you become a fluent Marathi speaker.

As of right now, I am learning Marathi at Balavihar every Sunday at 10 o’clock in the morning. It’s a great experience because the class is small and learning goes by very quickly. My teacher makes things easy to understand, I am still having some trouble with the letters but overall it helps me a lot. Learning Marathi is a fun experience through my life and as I get older and older I will progress in learning my mother tongue and hopefully be very fluent soon.

Learning My Mother Tongue

Hide Myself

hide myselfHide Myself

By: Tanvi

Verse:      Don’t waste your time
                  Telling me I am wrong
                  I know I am right
                   And I can be strong.
                 For you can think
                 And go along with a lie
                  I will survive
Chorus:    Hide myself
                  Do u know how hard it is
                  To be someone else
                 And let everybody hide from it
                 Open your eyes
                 And see my disguise
                 Don’t want to hide myself
Verse:     I’m afraid of what
                You will think in the end
                 I just don’t want you
                To quit being my friend
                I want u there
                I want you to care
                About the real me
Chorus:    Hide myself
                  Do u know how hard it is
                  To be someone else
                 And let everybody hide from it
                 Open your eyes
                 And see my disguise
                 Don’t want to hide myself
Bridge:   I feel uneasy
                I can’t keep a secret
               From you
               You need to know the truth

Hide Myself

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