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Kelly – The Dolphin

Kelly the dolphinOnce upon a time there lived a dolphin named Kelly in the water’s of Gulf of Alaska. Kelly considered this gulf her home. She used to think that her place was heaven on earth and was quiet content living there. Lots of other sea animals also called this gulf their home. She would see Sea lions, Whales, Seals and Otters swimming by and birds like Sea gulls and Puffins flying by.

When she ventured anywhere near the land she could see a lot of snow capped mountains. But she preferred to stay out in the deep waters because she knew the men would come around in the waters and catch fish. She didn’t want to get caught in any of those nets now. The men used to come out in large numbers in what she knew were called as ‘Boats’.  She was wary of them as they took away her food. She sometimes had to go deeper in the sea to find food. Sometimes she could see so many people come out on larger boats and stand around on it but do no fishing. She used to wonder what those people would do, so she used to sometimes go near those boats. She used to be amazed that these people would just stand by the railings of the boats and look out towards the sea. If she and her other sea friends showed up on the surface they used to get very excited, and clap and take photographs. She used to feel safe near these kinds of boats. Over time she realized the difference between boats which used to carry people for fishing and boats which would carry people for watching sea life. She sometimes used to put up a show for these boats, on which the words ‘Cruise’ was written. She got applause when she did that. Days thus went by.
One day she had gone deeper in the sea for fishing, as she couldn’t find enough food for her. She realized that the men who did fishing were coming deeper and deeper in the sea to fish. Soon she feared her food would all disappear. But she swept aside those thoughts for now. She had eaten enough for now and would worry later about her fast disappearing food. Kelly thought that she should swim inwards towards the land and see if she could meet up with some of her other friends and see if she could see any of those ‘Cruise’ boats were coming by. She was feeling a bit festive and thought she could put up a show for them!
As she was making her way inwards, she saw a boat alone in the deep waters. She became aware that it was a fishing boat. She decided to go as far as possible from that boat. Kelly soon realized that boat seemed to be in some kind of trouble and as she was contemplating going near the boat the boat exploded. She saw a man being thrown in the water. She hesitated a second and then as she saw the man struggling to get away from the flames of the boat, she swam as fast as she could towards him.  Kelly approached the man and nudged him with her nose. She could see that he wasn’t afraid of her but was surprised to see her. She nudged him once more, and the man realized that she meant for him to sit on her back. Kelly went under the water and came up underneath him and buoyed him up. The man slowly very carefully positioned himself on her back.  Then she started swimming towards the land. It was quiet some distance away she realized as she had come deep into the sea today. She knew that if she swam with him for some time she would reach the path where the ’Cruise’ boats would pass by. She soon neared a marker buoy floating by the water and deposited the man there. She could see a boat nearing by and knew that they would pick this man up. The man being eternally grateful petted Kelly on her head. She then swam a little further away and waited for the boat to come near. The man then removed his bright colored clothing and waved it to the passing boat. That ‘Cruise’ boat soon came near him and picked him up. Kelly could see that the man was then immediately wrapped up in blankets, but he came near the railings to see if he could see her. Upon spotting her he waved her bye with tears in his eyes till they took the turn on other side of the mountains and she no longer could see them.
Feeling pretty good that she had done a good deed for day she turned around and headed to the deep waters for some solitude. She hoped someday some man will help her if she was in trouble. Only time will tell.