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The Wise Old Bird

wise-old-birdA big flock of birds lived on a tree in a forest. There were young birds and old birds. The oldest bird was liked by all and every one called him fondly “grampa”. Grampa was believed to be at least a hundred years old. The birds went out every morning in search of food and returned back to the tree in the evening.

wise-old-birdOne day as the birds were getting ready to fly in search of food they saw lot of bird food lying on the grass near by. “We don’t have to search very far. Look at all the food lying there. We can all get bird food,” exclaimed the birds. “Wait,” said Grampa bird, “bird food does not grow on trees here and it does not rain bird food, where did so much bird food come from? I think a bad guy must have laid a trap to catch birds.” “Don’t listen to Grampa,” said other birds, “he is old and does not want us to have good food.”

All the birds swooped down to eat the bird food. Grampa bird did not join them. The birds had their fill and were carrying some food in their beaks ready to fly back to the tree, but they could not. A bad guy had laid a net under the bird food and now all the birds’ feet were caught in the net. They struggled to get out of the net. The more they struggled the worse they were entangled. Just then they saw the bad guy. He was coming towards them. He saw all the birds he had caught and was very pleased with him self.

“Help!!!”, cried the birds. “You were right Grampa, it was a trap. What are we going to do now? Help us.” Grampa was very sad to see them all trapped.

wise-old-birdHe thought for a while and then said, “Stop struggling. Unity is your strength. On count to three, all of you flap your wings and fly up. Alone, you are small and cannot do much, but together you can lift the net and fly with it. 3, 2, 1….. come on fly.” The bad guy was very near the net. The birds flapped their wings and flew up along with the net over the bad guy’s head. He could not believe his eyes.

Grampa bird led all the birds to his friend, the mouse. When they reached mouse’s house, the birds got down to the ground. The mouse quickly cut through the net and the birds were free again.