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Size Does Not Matter

Once upon a time in a big thick jungle, there lived a teeny tiny mouse. There also lived a big and mighty lion. The mouse lived in a small hole under a big leafy tree. A lot of birds, squirrels and other animals lived on and near the tree. The mouse and his friends always played under the tree. They played tag, hide and seek and sometimes just sat under the tree for rest.

One sunny afternoon, the lion was sleeping under the tree. It was very hot and the lion was tired. The mouse and his friends were playing hide and go seek. The squirrel was going to seek. Everybody was hiding. The mouse could not find any place to hide. Suddenly he saw the sleeping lion. The mouse saw that the lion had a thick mane. He decided to hide inside all that hair.

As the mouse was hiding inside the lion’s hair, the lion woke up. He was very angry that his sleep was disturbed. He caught the mouse in his paws. The mouse was very afraid. He cried, “Oh Great Lion! Please leave me. I promise not to disturb you again. You never know. I might help you someday.” The lion laughed loudly. He said, “You, a tiny mouse, help me the mighty lion!!!” The mouse said that size does not matter. The lion was surprised and left the mouse.

One day the lion got caught in a hunter’s net. He roared for help. The mouse came out of his house and saw him. He quickly cut the net with his sharp teeth. The lion understood then, that size really did not matter.  From that day on… the mouse found another friend… the lion!!