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The Girl Monkey and the Pearl Necklace

The king had a beautiful garden. Green grassy lawns lined with beautiful flowering plants and a water fountain. Beyond the lawns were lots of trees. There were banana plants and apple trees. A lot of monkeys lived on the trees. At the center of all the trees was a lake with clear water that reflected the sky. The king, the queen and the little princes often went for a walk in the garden.

One sunny afternoon the little princess wanted to go for a swim in the lake. She gave the pretty pearl necklace she was wearing to her Nanny. A girl monkey was watching from the trees. She liked the pearl necklace very much and wanted it for herself.

She saw the Nanny sit under the shade of tree, holding the necklace in her hand. Soon the Nanny was fast asleep and the necklace slipped out of her hand. The girl monkey ran down the tree, snatched the necklace and ran up the tree to her hiding spot where she hid the pearl necklace.

Soon the Nanny woke up and realized the necklace was missing. She searched all around but could not find it. Not knowing what to do and what to say to the king, the Nanny told the king a lie. “A man came in and grabbed the necklace out of my hand and ran out the garden”, she said. The King ordered his security chief to catch the thief.

The chief guarded the garden and was sure no man could come in and grab the necklace. He went to the tree where the Nanny was taking a nap. He looked to his left, he looked to his right. He looked in the front, he looked in the back. He looked down, he looked up. He saw monkeys up in the tree.

“I think the one of the monkeys took the necklace. I have a good idea”, thought the chief. He got lots of colorful bead necklaces and spread them under the tree. All the monkeys got down to take the necklaces. The girl monkey did not leave her spot to get a necklace.

Soon all the monkeys were wearing a necklace and began chattering. “Look, I got a red necklace.” “Mine is a blue one”. “My necklace shines in the sun.” “Where is your necklace?” they asked the girl monkey. The girl monkey said nothing. “You don’t have a necklace. I have a pretty one.” They began teasing her.

The girl monkey took the pearl necklace out of her hiding spot and wore it. “You have beads necklace, I got a pearl necklace,” teased the girl monkey.

The chief was watching from the ground. He threw a net over the girl monkey and took the pearl necklace from her. He then gave her a rainbow colored shining necklace and let her go.

The King was very happy to get back the pearl necklace. “Thank you Chief, you got back the pearl necklace. The princess will be very happy to get back her favorite necklace.”