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Recycled Crayons

Recycled CrayonsBroken crayons with wrappers removed
muffin tin
paper muffin cups

Preheat oven to 300.
Place broken crayons into separate muffin cups. fill each halfway.
Place in oven. Check crayons every 5 minutes until melted. Take out of the oven once completely melted. Let cool. (We fast cycled the cooling by placing the muffin tin in the freezer for 10 minutes.)
Once cooled, remove the muffin paper and start coloring!
Recycled Crayons

Washable finger paint from Crayola

Washable finger paints from CrayolaCreative juices flow better when the kids can get their hands all messy and Crayola has the perfect solution for it in washable finger paint. Available in tubes of 4 bright colors blue, green, yellow and red, these paint offer the perfect solution to fill in an afternoon activity. Use the huge paper floor pads to let the kids dip their hands and feet to draw that perfect bridge or Christmas tree. Try experimenting using cut vegetables and fruits for some lovely patterns. My favorite is the okra or the bhindi (ladies finger). Cut okra provides a beautiful flower like pattern.

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These finger-paints are available online at

Pop Up Books from Creativity for Kids

pop up bookFrom the brand “Creativity for Kids” comes a kit called the Pop Up Books for kids. Aimed at kids from 5 through 95, yes you read that right Ninety Five. The kit contains

  • 2 hard-cover blank books 12 pages included front & back covers
  • book one (8.5" x 8.5")
  • book two (6.25" x 6.25")
  • 31 die cut pieces (various sizes)
  • 2 sticker sheets
  • 2 pair of wiggly eyes
  • 8 markers

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