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ThinkBag - Online Stories and Magazines for Children

ThinkBag offers online stories and magazines for children, all with an Indian touch. Visit www.think-bag.com to avail an early bird offer - FREE access to children's e-books and e-magazines.

What happens when three super-enthusiastic mommies get tired of their same old boring routines? C’mon, think! Actually, ThinkBag!

Jokes apart, that is exactly how ThinkBag (www.think-bag.com) started in the summer of 2012. To quote the founders Mathangi, Priya & Srilakshmi, “For 10 long years, we had the same routine:  compete with the sunrise, cook, get the kids ready for school, off to work, back from work, and be with kids, eat, zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.” So one fine day, they called it quits. Not the same clichéd reason: “spend time with kids”. They sure were going to do that but with a twist.

Each one was thinking, “How can I make my child emotionally intelligent, knowledgeable and a divergent thinker? “  They read a lot, learnt and unlearnt a lot, thought and contemplated. Then all of a sudden, the light bulb went on!! “Why not craft stories for our children that emphasize cognitive, social and emotional development with ability to be independent and appreciate interdependence?”

So the Bangalore, India based trio made up stories for their kids and the little ones absolutely loved them. Naturally, they thought to themselves, “Why not reach out to other kids too?” Thus was born the idea and concept of ThinkBag – brand new stories and magazines for children, all available online.

“Stories have power.They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand. They imprint a picture on our minds. Consequently, stories often pack more punch than sermons. Want to make a point or raise an issue? Tell a story…..” — Author Janet Litherland.

is ThinkBag’s story series that allows the child to think What, How and Engage-Enjoy.

Here, the stories are set against an Indian backdrop and narrated with the help of protagonists, plots, poems or simple narratives.  The stories emphasize emotional intelligence, knowledge, ethics, values, respect, independence, inter- dependence, positive thinking, problem solving, environmental awareness and much more. There is also a “Thinking Time” page that stimulates both the child and the parent to think beyond the ordinary. Some stories are in Indian Languages, and in some stories the child can decide how the story ends. What a creative concept!

is a fortnightly magazine series that allows the child to learn Why, How and What.

In this format, children will dive deep into one theme with the help of Jojo, the magazine narrator. They will learn many different aspects of simple topics like Water, Paper, House, Wind etc.  How can paper be made at home? What is a food pyramid? Which are the vehicles without wheels? Each magazine ends with a Quiz.

Bonus Feature - Children can earn reward “Clouds” and redeem these “Clouds” to decorate their own virtual room. Teach them arithmetic, saving and spending in this process! For more information on "Clouds", click here or go to the “Site Map” section in the page footer at www.think-bag.com.

Sounds interesting? Seems like fun? We at Indya Unlimited certainly thought so! 

To visit ThinkBag, click here (www.think-bag.com).

To visit their Facebook page, click here (www.facebook.com/ThinkBag4Kids)

To visit their Blog, click here (thinkbag4kids.blogspot.in)

ThinkBag - Online Stories and Magazines for Children