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ProBugs Organic Yogurt Drink

LifeWay ProBugs Kefir is a totally fun and flavorful way to get your kids to consume their daily quota of dairy. It comes in a variety of flavors like Strawberry Banana split, Gooberry Pie, Slime Lime and Orange Cream. My kids (preschooler and toddler) have tried the first 2 flavors and absolutely love it! In fact, they demand it for their afternoon snack. The fun factor seems to be amplified by the fact that the drink comes in a squeezable pack. Just twist the seal out and kids are ready to suck the drink directly from the plastic spout. No mess, no fuss, great for snacking on the go.

The kefir is made with organic whole milk and contains live and active cultures of probiotic bacteria, which are essential to maintain a healthy digestive system. It is also rich in protein and calcium. It does have a little bit more sugar than I like in my kids’ snacks, but its not excessive. Honestly, if my kids are craving for a sweet snack, I much prefer this over cookies and other sugary treats.

While the kefir makers say that it is for kids, I very much enjoy an occasional indulgence myself. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

ProBugs Organic Yogurt Drink