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Road, Movie

Road Movie Abhay DeolRoad, Movie - Dee gives this movie a thumbs up.

For starters, the movie name “Road, Movie” somehow reminded me of a hilarious movie title – “Daag- the fire”. I thought that this movie too, judging by the name, would fall under of the do-not-venture-near-this-movie category. If the film makers haven't bothered with naming the movie with something better, what can be expected from the movie itself??

Well I would have to admit I was wrong. The credentials of the movie definitely surprised and impressed me to a great extent. Directed by Dev Benegal (English, August, Spilt Wide Open), this movie stars Abhay Deol (Dev D, Oye Lucky…, Manorama six feet under...) whose name today is synonymous with ‘hatke’ type of movies. He dares to do something different and creative. This Deol dude rocks and has so far lived up to the public’s high expectations.

Here is the story in a nutshell -- Wanting to run away from becoming a sales man in his father's hair oil business he offers to drive a old Chevy across the desert to sea coast. On the way he picks 3 other travelers. This is a story of their journey/discovery of life together and how they find joy and laughter.

The amazing thing is that this movie has been making rounds of all movie festivals around the world before releasing today. It was official selection of Berlinale, Doha Tribeca, Tokyo, Toronto & Cannes Film Festival. Quiet impressive I must say.

I would say go watch this movie for one simple reason that you might get to see something different and good than usual.

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Our psychic Dee sees the future of movies in brilliant bright but brief flashes and has no power to influence the outcome in reality. Because future is not set in stone take PD's Revelations with a grain of salt. PD or the site has no affiliations with any movies and are not responsible for their debacles and failures.

Road, Movie

Karthik Calling Karthik

Karthik Calling Karthik Bollywood cinemaKarthik Calling Karthik

Dee gives this movie a thumbs up..

The movie plot and star cast is pretty unconventional. Its about a introvert guy Karthik (Farhan Akhtar) who lacks self confidence, is miserable at his work and ignored by the girl whom he secretly loves. Till one day when his life changes due to a phone call. He gets a call from somebody claiming to be Karthik. From then on that voice guides him as a friend and also helps him get the love of his life Shonali (Deepika).

Atleast somebody is giving a try at making a original movie. From the looks of it, the movie looks well made and well told. Deepika is looking stunning as usual more so with her new chick haircut. Farhan is one talented dude who started with being a gifted director, script writer, oh almost forgot a singer and moved on to become this immensely talented but itense actor (Rock On!, Luck By Chance) He has natural flair for acting and is looking good in this movie.

Shankar-Eshan-Loy have given the audience, what has come to be expected from them - good music. I like all the songs, but 'Uff teri adaa' is a peppy number which makes me wanna shake a leg.

My Pyschic ability predicts we have a winner.

Psychic Dee or PD is our Predicting Diva who has a great knack for predicting fate of movies by just watching the trailers.

Here's our disclaimer though ....

Our psychic Dee sees the future of movies in brilliant bright but brief flashes and has no power to influence the outcome in reality. Because future is not set in stone take PD's Revelations with a grain of salt. PD or the site has no affiliations with any movies and are not responsible for their debacles and failures.

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Karthik Calling Karthik


There were several reasons that I could list out - why I wanted to watch the movie..the primary being the popular song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Dil to bachcha hai ji...I fell in love with the song the minute I heard it on a video link posted by a friend on Facebook..

One  Sunday morning I & husband were enjoying listening to this song over n over.. we went into discussing how the song would be picturized on Naseeruddin Shah envisioning Vidya Balan..And that piqued my interest to the most..

I was expecting a lot from a movie with such a combination of cast & crew..But my spirits were dampened quite a bit as the movie kept unfolding... I knew that Vishal Bhardwaj hasn't directed but the impression of Omkara lingered on mind anyhow.. I didn't like his Kaminey as well..but that's a different story..  Naseeruddin Shah paired up with Vidya Balan sounded like an enigma which was followed by high expectations..  It will be safe to say - I like Vishal Bhardwaj adorning hats of a music composer & singer much more than a movie maker!

According to the official website of the movie - "Ishqiya explores basic human emotions as influenced by desire, greed and revenge." I must say that the director has crafted the whole movie very nicely around this comprehension! The plot brings out the intense degree of emotions that are frowned upon in our social setting.. The unfolding of the mysterious character of Vidya Balan is the perfect example of how a simple woman residing in the rural part of Northern India can possess the ultimate emotions of love and hate without even showing it off.. And I think that does make sense to an extent.. We being so much socially networked & wired up - have to come out and share our every other emotion with the people around us! Hence the intensity of the darker sides that we possess often reduces to its minimum if at all.. However on the other end when people are restricted to do so because of challenging situations or other dominant factors - their emotions can touch upto a very deep level! And Vidya Balan has done a very good job in displaying those shades..

Vidya Balan in Ishqiya

Her personality on a whole is very suitable for the femme fatale character sketched in the movie.. She has the frame..the looks and the acting skills that were needed to carve out a sensous but potentially dangerous female encompassing dark secrets of her past life! And she has justified her role very nicely! And also Arshad Warsi.. I was annoyed by his character like anything and that probably says he has done a great job with the character written for him! He is this lustful thief whose emotions like sympathy and caring for are dug up somewhere and all he cares about is money and fulfillment of his lust! Was practically disgusting and that's why I think he has given full justice to the role.. What I was disappointed was with Naseeruddin Shah! The way his character has been drawn up for the script and also the intensity he plays most of his characters - I felt he could have done better with this one! He was very very subtle for what he was required to do and that undermined his work to a large extent throughout the movie..

Before I began to watch the movie all I wanted to see was how the romance between Naseeruddin Shah & Vidya Balan comes about.. But with every other portion of the movie it became less & less intriguing.. This one character of Mushtaq - the boss, confused me throughout the movie..I kept wondering ..in spite of being this hot-shot villian - why is he just leaving the thugs ? And the wifey's comment while his first opportunity to kill both was even more confusing.... But I guess that was just another way of dramatizing ..which I felt was totally unncessary.. By the end of the movie - a lot of characters & actions made similar sense and in retrospect one starts thinking - was it really necessary for the plot of the movie to have all those subtle hints?? The answer is Yes for some and No for others.. I just feel the whole story..the way it was put together required a little more than it had.. Of course I could have easily pointed my finger being a film-maker myself!!

An Ok movie over all..I still am not sure what the title means.. Vidya Balan deserves the kudos..and so does the beautiful song sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.. But that's about it... No positive takes ... no good feelings after the end.. and don't recommend the movie - unless one wants to just go see Ms. Balan and feel not-so-good about life !! ( Sorry, @PD, but I just feel about it otherwise....)

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My Name is Khan


My Name is Khan - Dee gives this movie a Thumbs Up.

It could be well named 'My Name is Controversy'. This movie has been center of controversies for quiet some time for some reason or the other. Controversy creates curiosity, curiosity will help this movie become a hit, though its not because of this that I say it will be a hit. From the trailers it looks like a different kind of movie. Not to mention the most successful, brilliant and dazzling pair on screen return after a long gap of 10 yrs. Shahrukh & Kajol's chemistry is unmatched even today. The music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is melodious and has been topping the charts.
Karan Johar seems to have diverted from making romantic/melodramatic movies to issue based movies. I am hoping that this movie will not be all about how Muslims are being persecuted all around for being Muslims. I am eager to see what new perspective he has brought to this movie and how he has handled the whole Asperger Syndrome, 9/11, terrorism etc.
The role of Rizwan Khan seems to be the role of his life for Shahrukh Khan. Kajol is looking extremely beautiful & stunning since her comeback in Fanaa. Both of them seem to have given a memorable performance.

Looking forward to all the controversies dying down and getting to see this movie.

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Psychic Dee or PD is our Predicting Diva who has a great knack for predicting fate of movies by just watching the trailers.

Here's our disclaimer though ....

Our psychic Dee sees the future of movies in brilliant bright but brief flashes and has no power to influence the outcome in reality. Because future is not set in stone take PD's Revelations with a grain of salt. PD or the site has no affiliations with any movies and are not responsible for their debacles and failures.

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ISHQIYA.......Jan 28, 2010

Dee gives this movie a thumbs up

Judging by the trailers Ishqiya seems like another Vishal Bharadwaj special. His recent track record is impressive (Kaminey, Omkara etc) so expectations are bound to be sky high. Though not directed by him, he has donned the mantle of music director, writer and producer of the movie. The music is already making waves for sometime now especially 'Dil tho baccha hai'. The cast is impressive & unusual with the versatile Naseeruddin Shah playing a romantic-at-heart crook, Vidya Balan cast as a Femme Fatale and Arshad Warsi showing his talent as a hot blooded stud. The movie has piqued my interest though the dialogs don't seem 'family friendly'. Have a feeling one will have to sit with a Hindi-to-English dictionary to truly understand all the 'gali galoch' (remember Omkara?)

Overall its worth getting your hopes up. My psychic powers tell me this movie will deliver on our expectations.

Till then enjoy the music!




Here's our own PD's first prediction for VEER ......


Dee says : you can give this movie a miss...
A buffed up Salman, a plump Zarine Khan (a wannabe Katrina), weaklings like Sohail Khan, Puru Raj Kumar and ex hero Jackie Shroff, 80's style movie sets, and a flop director Anil Sharma... well not much to go on... plus the funniest part is that Salman has supposedly written the story himself! Seems to have been way too influenced with Gladiator and tried to mix up with Indian sentiments, but my prediction; it will no go down well with the audiences...

My Name is Khan

3 Idiots

All is Well...!!!

3 very simple words..but suddenly they have a different enthusiasm ...a different joy to them! Yes! Rajkumar Hirani has spread the magic once again...


When I first heard the title of the movie - I didn't even give it a second thought.. But on finding out that it was based on Chetan Bhagat's - Five Point Someone, I had to see it.. My sisters were coaxing me to read that book when I went to India in 2007..But I didn't get a chance to do so. On my last trip we got 2 of Bhagat's books and I had recently read both..  So really wanted to see how the crew of 3 Idiots had put together the movie..Needless to say, a lot was same & different in the movie. Without getting into the controversy the movie crew & the author was having recently - I would say - the movie was atleast 70% based on the book.. A good adaptation..Lot less subtle than the book..But then which Bollywood movie doesn't need a larger-than-life plot to reach the hearts of its die-hard audience??!!..

I am not sure I liked all songs in the movie so much...At least not as much as the most popular one..One day while driving back home my husband wanted to play this song.. I was kind of annoyed at first, thinking why in the world's name do we want to talk about a Murgi and Bakra in a song!! But after watching the movie - I loved the song like anything! The whole concept of the 1 small line had a different meaning altogether! The story behind it..The way our favorite Amir Khan tells it ..it just makes so much sense! There are so many times in our lives when we just want to run away from the situations in front of us being scared to death.. The situations may/may not be that bad..But our scary heart makes us believe that they are...At those times we really "need" to console our heart that things will eventually be fine - no matter how hard/bad they come across.. The song...the situation everything combined just touches on that human emotion very tactfully and if I can say..very strategically!! Of course, Mr. Hirani wanted something to replace the all time famous Jaadu Ki Jhappi  with something as good.. And I must say - Amir Khan and the little footballer does that very nicely in the movie :-)

I got this comment from a lot of friends that the delivery scenes were not at all necessary for the movie..and the director could have used the engineers' skills & knowledge to do something else to help the girl in labor! I somehow didn't mind that so much. Of course it will be embarrassing to see it with family around..But to its justification - it was way better than all the semi-nude scenes shown in movies these days! I cried too bad during the whole labor sequence..And not once..twice! Yeah..I saw the movie twice in the matter of 1 week...and couldn't help but cry my heart out.. The kick later was simply SUPERB!!! It just made my day!! And I was so glad the movie didn't end on that teary note... It went on to a lighter sequence of scenes which makes one just as happy while getting out of the theater! So once again...All is (was) Well..!!

Amir Khan has done a very good job again.. I feel its just needless to say that about him now.. We just love his work no matter what his role is. I just felt he didn't have that significant role in this movie. He had a great ..very important character to play but somehow not a very very powerful one..You tend to get that feeling after watching his Ghajini and Taare Zameen Par..But nevertheless, he has done a wonderful job! I just hope he doesn't keep playing this protagonist in his next movies... It will be like a stereo-type in itself which I would hate to see him as..

Sharman Joshi & Madhavan were very good in their respective roles too! Sharman Joshi was just perfect for this role! Even when I was reading the book - the character that my mind drew was very close to how Joshi's body language usually is.. The Chatur guy was just too awesome! Seriously!! He played the role just fabulous!! I am not sure if he really doesn't have a great Hindi accent as it is - or he mastered it just for the movie..But he was just too good! The speech...the lingo...the accent...Very good work! And Kareena Kapoor - I felt was just Ok.. There was hardly any role for her..But whatever was there - I was glad she didn't do all those jhatkas-matkas that she usually does while speaking her script! I hated Boman Irani to the extent I felt I am looking at my own high-school Principal!! But this character was far more irritating than mine..and even the book's... So I guess Irani has done a good job playing his role in the movie..

I read a lot of reviews about the movie and a number of them talked about how the movie left a message..I am not so sure of that..somehow! It did of course convey at different times - how students - especially in India are so stressed out because of the schooling/education system there..But then I feel one needs to take a lot of things into account when commenting about the education system in India. I agree a lot of times students are just forced to mug up the material without really understanding the actual meaning.. But then how many systems don't do that at one point or the other? And even if we just be on the topic of Indian education - we are shouldn't just blame it blindly.. Over the years it has produced world-class engineers...doctors...players....mathematicians.. and so on.. So it will be entirely wrong to take the feedback from the movie that the whole system needs to be changed. First & foremost - it is not possible in one go. It will take several years of tweaking and vigorous efforts to bring out few positive changes throughout the system. But for that everybody has to put in efforts.. If parents keep paying thousands of rupees to private tutors and on the other hand schools keep teaching like 'old-school' its not going to help..

Anyways..I think I am dwelling too much away from the actual topic.. as usual.. So coming back to it - No. I certainly didn't find the movie a life-changing experience for the education system or the parents of these students in India.. Intelligent parents might take a hint or two from the movie - but that's about it! I just hope it is for the good...

All in All...A wonderful movie! Something that people from all generations are enjoying! And I am not surprised at all.. I loved the movie..And so did my Mom and Grand-Mom! I just hope someday I can laugh it up with my kid on You-Tube too!!  Hopefully Vidhu Vinod Chopra decides to let the movie run online for a number of years if not generations!

Till then..

Alllllll izzzz Wellllllllllllllllllll  :-)


3 Idiots

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