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Awaiting Baahubali

I have lived Baahubali mania for the last two weeks at my house #WKKB – Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali, I have listened to at least two dozen theories; and now the day for Baahubali – the conclusion is almost here and we can’t wait for the answer.

The magnum opus is truly history in the making! There are so many things where team Baahubali pushes the boundaries of Indian Cinema that I don’t even know where to begin. Let me try and list out my top 5 reasons


Remember the story of “Kite”…..exactly! There was none. They decided on the hero, roped in a Hispanic beauty, chose wonderful locales and even shot the film before realizing it needed a story. This is the sad tale for many Bollywood movies, but not for Baahubali. In fact the reason it was filmed in two parts is because the story could not be told in 3 hours. . (Yes, most Indian movies run close to 3 hours and that is why there is a concept of “Interval” to stretch out legs and grab those delicious samosas.) The first part kept a gripping hold throughout the movie and then left the viewer on a cliffhanger, wanting for more answers. 


Remember the sorry state of technical brilliance in Bollywood ….watch this cringe worthy video as a reminder

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Baahibali on the other hand is technically brilliant! The CGI blends the real and virtual so well that one doesn’t know where the set ends and where CGI takes over. This video gives a glimpse into the world of real virtual. The pace at which CGI is developing, I wonder if in the next decade we will have animated movies that look like real ones!

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Most movies begin Marketing once the movie is almost complete, but not Baahubali. The team has used social media to continuously build support and fan base for the past 5 years. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, snapchat – you name it – all social media channels used for generating the maximum fan engagement. One of the best use of technology is this 3D video that takes you on a personal tour of the Baahubali sets.

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Brand Building

Never has Indian movie expanded beyond the cinema, but team Baahubali is set to change all of that. Look at the universe of Baahubali – Animated series, graphic novel (comics), upcoming mobile games, a trilogy on the Rise of Sivagami, and not speak of merchandise – Tshirts, art work, mobile covers, credit card covers and the list goes on. This is the first Indian movie that has not only transcended its regional status to gain popularity across many Indian languages but also has reached the corners of the world including places like North Korea. This movie is building a brand franchise like that of Star Wars.

 Baahubali Brand


How many projects have we worked on for 5 years? It is a labor of love that lets you bring the vision to reality. To quote Paulo Coelho - No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally he doesn't know it.

Baahubali is truly history in making! 

Baahubali the Conclusion

Awaiting Baahubali