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Panjaa - Pawan Kalyan's Telugu movie wins the match

PanjaaI have a confession to make; I love chick flicks and have read the entire Twilight series. So here's an action movie review from a chick flick loving chick.

We want all the batsmen of the Indian cricket team to score a century in every match, we want all the Indian bowlers to throw maiden overs all the time. India, get real, such dream matches happen only once in a while. All that matters is whether India wins the match.
The same goes with cinema. We want all the movies to be perfect. The story, the acting, the songs, the dance, the editing, the photography, everything to be perfect. Such movies are made only once in while. All that matters is whether the movie is entertaining and paisa-vasool?

Pawan Kalyan's Panjaa is good entertaining paisa vasool movie. I think the movie got unfair reviews; I think it is a total paisa vasool movie and I liked it. Pawan Kalyan is so stylish in the movie, I loved his bearded avatar. Whoever, picked his costume, did well. I loved his stylish layering of shirt, sweater, blazer and the cool sun glasses. His acting was the backbone for the movie and he delivered a restrained performance as demanded by the character.

Tanikella Bharani, Jackie Shroff and Atul Kulkarni, the seasoned actors that they are, gave a competent performance. Sesh Adavi was the surprise and did noticeably good. The heroine of the film Sarah Jane looked pretty and reminded me of young Moonmoon Sen.The story was predictable but gave the movie a good pace. Brahmanandam's comedy gave the usual comic relief and the actor has definitely carved a niche for himself. The background score was excellent, the music for Pawan Kalyan's character beats SRK's Don. Excellent camera work, loved Kolkata through the lens, the old Kolkata with the narrow lanes, the yellow ambassador taxis, the tram, Howrah bridge, Vidyasagar Setu and the Victoria memorial.Though I have to mention, the hustle and bustle of Kolkata residents was missing. The village was captured equally well. The scene with Chiranjeevi's poster and Pawan Kalyan was heart warming while not showing more of Pawan Kalyan's dancing talents was truly missed.

The one scene that really bothered me in the movie was showing the gruesome murder of the character Jahnavi. Personally, I find showing violence against women very unsettling.

Bollywood is always lifting movies from the south and repackaging them into hits like Bodyguard and Singham. I find a Rohit Shetty style Singham-Panjaa or a Govind Nihalani style Thakshak-Panjaa written all over Panjaa. Some crisp editing, less fiery pyretic and more superhuman Singham style action, polishing the rough edges on storyline and new set of songs under another director and there will be yet another repackaged Bollywood hit.

All in all, Pawan Kalyan wins the match for Panjaa.He delivers the film; it is an entertaining film and worth a watch.

Panjaa - Pawan Kalyan's Telugu movie wins the match