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Deep Rasa malai

Deep rasa malaiA definite vote for a buy. This rasamalai is one of the best ready to eat rasamalai. A 1 kg packet of rasamalai comes with 32 medium sized malai pieces with plenty of rasa or the creamy milk. The malai is smooth in texture and almost melts in the mouth. The creamy milk tastes like basundi. A few crushed nuts are sprinkled over the top and if you like more nuts like almonds and pistachio on your rasamali, you will have to add it. The rasamalai also has kewada essence that gives a nice aroma. I found the rasamali to be on the sweeter side, but those who prefer their desserts very sweet will like it.
Overall verdict is an overwhelming BUY.

Another options for good rasa malai is the Nanak Rasamalai

Available in the frozen section of all Indian Grocery Stores