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Nanak Brand Kesar Rasamalai

nanak brand rasamalai Nanak Brand Kesar Rasamalai ... a desert made from milk and cheese

Nanak Brand’s Kesar Rasamalai is one of the best frozen Rasamalai’s I have eaten. It comes frozen and needs to be thawed in the refrigerator. Inside the cardboard carton is a plastic tray filled with the Rasamalai and sealed with a plastic sheet. There are 10 malai or the paneer pieces. The rasa or the sweetened milk is enough for the 10 pieces. The sweetness is just right. The Kesar Rasamalai had the yellow color but very few strands of Kesar. They also have plain Rasamalai that is white in colour. The Nanak Brand has a sugar less version of the Rasamali too made with sugar substitute. I am not into sugar free stuff and have not tried; do share your comments on how you find the sugar less version.


Verdict: Buy

Available at most Indian Grocery Stores.