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Deep - Potato and Pea Samosa

Deep - Potato and Pea Samosa

Samosas are my all time favorite. Hot samosas, green & sweet chutney and a cup of tea, thats my ritual on many Saturday evenings. But when it come to kids, samosas are complete no for them. My elder one keeps complaining that they are too  spicy. Then I found these Deep Potato and Pea Samosas. They are small in size compared to their punjabi samosas. They are less spicy and work perfectly well with the kids. As per the instructions, you can either deep fry them or bake. I prefer to bake them. They are not very oily. Believe me kids love these samosas with tomato sauce.

It you want your kids to eat samosas, go for it.

Verdict: Buy

Available at most Indian Grocery Stores