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Haldiram Brand Mughalai Paneer Makhani

 Haldiram Brand Mughalai Paneer Makhani  ... a Rich curry with Paneer (Indian Cheese)


haldiram paneer makhaniThe Haldiram Brand “Minute Khana” ‘s Mughalai Paneer Makhani is fabulous. Inside the cardboard carton is an aluminium pouch with the paneer makhanicontents. The contents are sufficient for two. I poured out the Makhani and heated it over stove top.

I loved the taste. The spices were just right and very flavourful. The colour of the gravy gave an appearance of very spicy but the hot spice index was actually pretty mild. There was less paneer and this gets it one straight face. The paneer was soft and cooked. I loved this dish.

Verdict: Buy

Available at most Indian Grocery Stores.