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Naan - the Indian Bread

naan-the indian breadNaan - The Indian Bread

Love this Naan. Very authentic and stays fresh in the refrigerator for a good 15 days or more.

The instructions for warming on a grill asks to sprinkle some water on the Naan. Excellent tip, this puts the moisture back and gives it a fresh feel.

At 180 calories for half Naan, it is definitely for an indulgent meal. 5 gm of proteins is a good plus but a fiber of 1 gm is bad. This gives the Naan one :( face.

All in all iRecommend a good buy. Eat with a nice spicy curry.

Another option is to make some quesadilla with them. They make a good quick recipe.

Verdict : BUY

Available at Costco.