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Andhra Mix from Deep

Andhra Mix from Deep

Andhra Mix from Deep

Love this Andhra Mix from Deep. Part of their "Recipes of Udupi" series. The mixture looks exactly as shown on the cover picture. It is spicy mixture of sev, boondi, fried peanuts (or groundnuts), fried chana (garbanzo beans) and fried black eyed beans. All those beans and peanuts makes it healthy I assume. The spices and salt are perfect. It does not have any fried red chilli peppers and I would deduct a point for that since I like them. They do have fried curry leaves and the aroma it imparts is wonderful. Bonus points for that. I love peanuts and this mixture could do with some more fried peanuts, another minus point. All in all if you like spicy hot mixtures, this is for you.
Available at most Indian Grocery Stores.

Solo Italia Tiramisu


Beware this Tiramisu is unlike the regular fares you eat at most Italian Restaurants.

The sponge cake at the bottom is flavored with Espresso Liqueur and is topped with some marsala wine. A couple of bites will give you a little kick. The taste reminds me little bit of Bailey's Irish Creme.

The tiramisus are packaged in single packs in cute plastic containers. Each package contains 4 single packs. The single pack is ideal for a single person.

Each Tiramisu is 300 calories. What the ..... we are talking about a mouth watering dessert made of cheese. Just enjoy!!!

I like the more traditional Tiramisu with no liqueur. Buy if you like a little kick with your dessert.

Available at Costco. Other Solo Italia desserts are available online at amazon.com

Amul Mithaee Khoa Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun  - Amul Mithaee Khoya Gulab Jamuns

The Amul brand Khoa Gulab Jamuns are one of the best khoya gulab jamuns. They come in a jar of 1 kg. The jar has sufficient syrup for those who like lots of sugar syrup. There are about 30 pieces in the jar. The jamuns are not shaped in the traditional spherical shapes but are elongated. I like them hot, so I pour all the sugar syrup and the jamuns in a pot and heat them on very low heat. The jamuns are not very soft and don’t dissolve when heated.Enjoy gulab jamun  with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream.

Verdict: Highly recommend to buy

Available at most Indian Grocery Stores.

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Sweet Wines

luccio moscato d astiCoolCoolCoolCoolCool 

Luccio’s Mascato d’Asti

Luccio is the brand, Mascato is a type of grape that grows in cool climates and Asti is the northwestern region in Italy where these grapes grow. This is supposedly a prized wine by Italian connoisseurs. It is golden colored bubbly wine and is best served chilled. It is sweet with a nice fruity taste. The fruity taste is from apricots, figs and honey. I confess, I can’t really make out all these tastes, the wine just tastes good to me. It is a good dessert wine and can go with any fruity desserts or can work as a dessert by itself. With an alcohol content of only 5.5% it is one of the best sweet wines out there.

Verdict: Buy


Available everywhere.


Nanak Brand Kesar Rasamalai

nanak brand rasamalai Nanak Brand Kesar Rasamalai ... a desert made from milk and cheese

Nanak Brand’s Kesar Rasamalai is one of the best frozen Rasamalai’s I have eaten. It comes frozen and needs to be thawed in the refrigerator. Inside the cardboard carton is a plastic tray filled with the Rasamalai and sealed with a plastic sheet. There are 10 malai or the paneer pieces. The rasa or the sweetened milk is enough for the 10 pieces. The sweetness is just right. The Kesar Rasamalai had the yellow color but very few strands of Kesar. They also have plain Rasamalai that is white in colour. The Nanak Brand has a sugar less version of the Rasamali too made with sugar substitute. I am not into sugar free stuff and have not tried; do share your comments on how you find the sugar less version.


Verdict: Buy

Available at most Indian Grocery Stores.


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