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Rose Lassi

Rose Lassi Drink ... Indian yogurt drink


joy brand rose lassi drinkLassi is a drink made from buttermilk. Lassi can be sweet or salty. The Rose Lassi Drink is a sweet Lassi.. It has a sweet and tangy taste with the flavour of Rose. The tangy tastes hits at the first sip and taste grows on you as you continue to sip.

Drinking Lassi is an acquired taste and may not appeal to every one. If you like the sweetened yogurt drinks, you will like Rose Lassi Drink.


Verdict: Buy if you like sweet yogurt drinks

Available at most Indian Grocery Stores.


Mild Chilli Pepper Curry - Mirch Ka Salan from Kitchens of India

Mild Chilli Pepper Curry - Mirch Ka Salan from Kitchens of India

ready to eat indian curry mirch ka salanThis brand "Kitchens of India" is from ITC group. It is another brand in the Ready to Eat market segment. The contents are in a heat and eat pouche and slid out easily into a pot. The contents are sufficient for two. The mirch or green chilli peppers are nice sized and spicy. The Salan or the gravy is decent but I cannot think of anything to rave about. The tangy or the sour flavor was more dominant. The curry is very spicy too. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being excellent I would give this a 2.5

Available at Target

Haldiram's Minute Khana - Purani Dilli Ke Choley

Haldiram Purani Dilli Ke CholeyHaldiram's minute Khana comes in heat and eat pouches. I cut open the pouch and the contents slid through easily into a pot. I heated on a stove in a pot but it can be warmed in a microwave. The contents are sufficient for two. The choley curry is thick in consistency. It is perfect to eat with Naan or Roti or Bhatura. However, if you plan on eating with rice, you will have to add a little water when you heat. It is not very spicy hot but very flavorful. Haldiram's products are generally very tasty however, something is missing from this choley. I would give it a 3.5 on a scale of 5.

Available at Most Indian Grocery Stores



La Dolce Vita Classic Italian Biscotti

Authentic Italian BiscottiOne of the best Biscotti's I have ever eaten. They are smaller in size about 2.5 to 3 inches long and an inch thick. The sweetness is just perfect, not too sweet. Each biscotti piece has at least one almond embedded in it. The almond is nicely roasted and crisp. There is a slight anise seed flavor to it. When you bite into it, it does not crumble and holds itself well. Each piece is about 70 calories and is the perfect snack to eat in the afternoon. Now only if I could stop at one, they are so good, you have to go for the second and the third.....


Available at Costco and online at amazon.com

Ashoka Brand Bhindi (okra) Masala

ashoka brand bhindi masalabhindi masala in bowl


Ashoka Brand Bhindi (okra) Masala is in "heat and eat" just microwave package. The contents are sufficient for two.  Each serving is about 140 calories. The contents come out of the pouch easy and can be heated on the stove top. This deserves the super cool sunglasses face and a happy face.


I was not very happy about the curry. It was too spicy for my taste. However, if you like it spicy, you will love the curry. This gets the straight mouth face.


The curry is more than bhindi (okra). The bhindi is softened in the curry and has lost all of its crunchiness. This gets the two crooked faces.


Verdict: All in all, if you like spicy curry, this is for you.


Available at most Indian Grocery Stores.

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