Wednesday, Aug 23rd

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Mango Mousse


1 Can Mango Pulp (30 oz. Can available at Indian Stores)

2 packets of unflavored gelatin powder

1 cup water

1 cup Condensed Milk

1 cup whipped cream stiff
(You can use the ready cool whip)

How to Make:

Add 2 packets of gelatin powder in the hot water and wait till is dissolved. Let it cool down.

Mix mango pulp and the condensed milk. Add the gelatin water. Add the whipped cream and fold it into the mango pulp.

Pour into a decorative bowl and refrigerate until set or overnight.

You can decorate it with fresh mango slices for a nice presentation.


I prefer to use heavy whipping cream and make whipped cream myself instead of using cool whip.

For a variation, you can add crushed saffron in the mango pulp.

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