Wednesday, Aug 23rd

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Mango Panha

This is the third recipe in our Mango Mania Series. Kairicha panha is a refreshing raw mango drink for hot summer afternoons.


- 1 Cup Pulp of Raw Mango (approx. from 1 raw mango)

- ½ Cup Sugar

- 5-6 Cups of Water

- 1 Teaspoon Salt

- ¼ Teaspoon Cardamom Powder

- Few strands of saffron

- Ice Cubes while serving


How to Make:

Remove the raw mango skin and cut them into big pieces.  Remove the big seed. Boil the pieces in the water until they become very soft. Keep the remaining water to use in the panha. I prefer to boil them in the pressure cooker. Let it cool. Make a puee of the boiled mango in the blender (approx 1 cup). Add cardamom powder, sugar, salt and saffron. blend until it becomes smooth. Add 1 cup of water in the blender and mix it well. Pour the puree intl the pitcher. Add the remaining water and stir it well. Serve it chilled.


Note: Raw mango is available in Indian grocery stores. You can adjust the salt and sugar as per your taste. Panha is sweet and tangy in taste.