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Stuffed Kesar Jamun


For stuffing

- 5 to 6 alomds

For jamuns

- Readymade jamun mix (for 20 stuffed jamuns you need mix enough for 50 regular jaumns)

- 4 to 5 drops of orange food color

- Milk for the dough

- Vegetable or Canola oil for frying

- ¾ strands of good quality saffron

For syrup

- 4 cups sugar

- 4 cups water

How To Make:

Soak almonds in warm water for 3 to 4 hrs or until soft and skin peels off easily. Cut each into 4 pieces and pat dry. Toast the saffron strands in a small pan, crush and mix with milk. Let is stand for a few minutes as the milk absorbs the color and aroma.

Split the jamun mix into two parts – 1/3rd and 2/3rd respectively. Add the color and some milk in the smaller part. Mix and knead well so the color is spread evenly. Make a smooth but stiff ball of dough. Similarly make a ball of dough with the non-colored part. Make about 1/3rd inch balls from the orange dough and 2/3rd inch balls from the white dough.

In each orange ball, make an indent, stuff a piece of almond, and cover up to smoothen the ball. Then take a white ball, indent, stuff the orange ball, cover and smoothen. Fry the jamuns on medium heat, until they turn golden brown. Cut each jamun into half. Prepare syrup by heating water and sugar together and letting it thicken a little bit. Pour hot syrup over warm fried jaumns and let them stand overnight before serving.

Note: These jaumns should be served in halves to make a beautiful presentation.