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Ginger Thokku - 2 Methods

Ginger Thukku : Method 1.


Fresh Ginger 50 g

channa dal 1 tb spoon

red chilly 1 or 2

coriander seeds 2 tb spoon

tamarind one lemon sized

salt to taste

Gingelly oil 100 ml

asafoetida one pinch

regular cooking oil 2 spoon

mustard 1 t.spoon

fenu greek 1t.spoon

little jaggery

seasoning :



curry leaves


1. roast dal, coriander seeds ,red chilly in little oil. Make a dry roast of mustard and fenugreek separately till it splitters.and powder all the roasted ingredients.

2. clean and remove the skin in ginger and make it a paste.

3. make tamarind to thick extract.

4. season the given ingredients in a thick pan and to that add tamarind extract ,when it boils ,add ginger paste and then ground powder ,salt, asafoetida ,jaggery, add gingelly oil to that.and allow it to become thick paste like consistency. kindle the paste with out leaving hands .otherwise it will deposit.

Note : gingelly oil is the natural preservative. you can store it in air tight container to 1 week.

It is very good for digestion.

Method 2

Ingredients :

Fresh ginger 50 g

Tamarind one lemon size

Salt to taste

Asafoetida a pinch

Gingelly oil 100ml

Jaggery ---little.


1. clean and peel the skin of ginger and make it a paste.

2. Make a thick tamarind extract .

3. In a pan season the ingredients as in method 1. add tamarind to that ,when it boils add ginger paste, salt, jaggery, asafoetida, gingely oil and make it to thick consistency. Store it in a air tight container.