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Big Mac of East

Big Mac of EastBasically moong dal vada in pita pockets.
Moong dal vada recipe-
Mix 2 cups moong dal with half a cup urad dal. Soak in hot water for two hours. Drain out water after two hours. Add 2 pods of garlic, 2 green chillies, 1 teaspoon jeera, one-fourth teaspoon turmeric powder, salt to taste, little coriander. Grind all in the mixie. Taste and, if needed, can add red chilli powder also. You should grind till it's soft, not like idli mixture soft though. Kind of like Adai mixture. In my experience, don't use Blendtec mixie to grind, the mixture became very soft and the vada was ruined. So, I use the small hand mixer for this(Cuisinart). Usually I divide it and grind in 3 batches. This has given me the best results. After grinding, add very finely cut onion to it. Add the onion right before you fry the vada.
After vadas are made, stuff them in a wheat pita pocket. Add salad on it. I usually make a salad of tomatoes, onion, lettuce all cut small. Sprinkle little salt/red chilli powder/jeera powder on the salad. So, add vadas and salad and grated cheese, maybe ketchup too per individual preference.