Tuesday, Aug 22nd

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Thalipeeth2 TBSP of which ever flours you have in your pantry.
For eg- i usually put the following
Moong flour
Ragi flour
Math flour
Rice flour

All the above are around two tablespoons, except rice flour where one is sufficient.

Then add around half a cup of jowar flour and same amount wheat flour or aata.
Then raid your fridge! Meaning take ALL leftovers- any vegetable that u have made in the week and is left over, add into flour mixture. If you have cooked daal add that too.
One time I have even added leftover rice!! Couldnt even taste the rice in the finished product! 
Then add lots of thinly cut onion, ova or ajwain, dhana-jeera powder and lots of coriander, salt to taste.
Sometimes I drop the coriander and put lots of freshly cut spinach.

Knead all this into a dough. If you have added cooked daal or sambhar or amtee, you may not need to add water while kneading.

Make like regular thalipeeth in a pan.
Very very healthy and extremely tasty!