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Gadbad Sandwich

This is a quick fix & you can add any ingredients (veggies) that you like but this combination worked well for us. Do not go by the name, we came up with the name when we got introduced to it as the ingredients are so flexible (as you can see below) & can be anything of your choice, its all gadbad ingredients J


1)    Bread (I always use either wheat or multi grain)

2)    Paneer (1 cup cut into small cubes)

3)    Tomato (1 cup cut into small cubes)

4)    Onion (optional – if you do not like the taste) finely chopped 1 cup

5)    Chat masala – as per your taste

6)    Chopped Green chilli per taste– optional if you are serving kids. Great for adults

7)    Parsely ( you could use fresh coriander if you do not like Parsely) finely chopped

8)    Salt

9)    Butter or mayonnaise – your choice

10)  Sandwich chatni – optional

11)  Ketchup - optional


Mix all the ingredients from 1 through 8 to make the filling. Prepare sandwich by applying butter+chatni on one side & butter+ketchup on other side. I prefer it this way. You can have it whichever way you like it. Put the filling in the sandwich & put it in toaster. It should be ready within minutes. Serve hot with ketchup.