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Sweet Multi-grain Crepes (Godachi Dhirdi)

“Dhirde” is a very common Maharashtrian breakfast item. It can also be had as an evening snack, or sometimes even for dinner. It is very easy to make, nutritious and people of all ages love it. It is prepared with very few ingredients that are easily available in our kitchens. Usually “dhirde” is hot and salty. But here is a sweet dhirde recipe, commonly known in Marathi households as “Godachi Dhirdi”


For 7-8 dhirdi,

1 cup finely cut jaggery

1/4 cup sugar

2 cups water

3 tsp oil

2 – 3 cups wheat flour

3 tbsp rice flour

A pinch of salt

How To Make:

For the batter, mix jaggery, sugar and water and keep it for almost one hour. By that time jaggery and sugar will get dissolved. Stir it well. Now add the 2 cups of wheat flour and rice flour to it and stir it well until a thick and fine batter is prepared. If the batter is not thick enough like batter of dosa, then further add additional wheat flour (We have used 2 cups out of 3). Now add oil and salt to it. Batter is ready.

To make the Dhirde, pre-heat a pan or Tawa with few drops of oil spread evenly over it. When the tawa is fairly hot, spread a thick layer of batter on it in the shape of small chapatti. Now put on the lid. Keep the stove flame medium. After 2-3 minutes remove the lid and if the color of batter is changed, reverse the same. Now put few drops of oil from all the corners of the dhirde (if the tawa is nonstick, this oil can be avoided). Cook till it is golden brown from both the sides.

Serve with unsalted butter/ ghee and chili pickle/ raw mango pickle/ chunda etc. per your choice.