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Spinach Adai (Spinach Lentil Pancakes)











Ingredients :

Rice                                          -           1 ½ Cup

Toor Dal                                    -           ½ Cup

Chana Dal                                 -           ½  Cup

Moong Dal                                -           ½ Cup

Urad Dal                                   -           ½  Cup

Red Chilli                                 -           3-4 nos.

Ginger                                      -           1 inch piece

Black Pepper Corn (whole)         -           ¼ Teaspoon

Salt                                          -           As per taste

Onion                                       -           ½ Cup Chopped

Spinach                                    -           1 bunch chopped

Fenugreek Seeds                      -           ½ Teaspoon



How to Make :

Soak the rice, all the dals(lentils) and fenugreek seeds in water for 3-4 hours.

Grind all the ingredients together (except spinach leaves, onions) into a rough paste (coarse)

Allow it to ferment for 3 hours.

Add spinach leaves and onions to the batter.

Heat a skillet (tava). Spread a tsp of oil, pour Adai batter using a rounded spoon and try to spread it with spoon.   It is thick compared to dosa. When it becomes golden brown, flip it over.

You can serve Adai with chutney and butter.

Traditionally, adai is very pungant. (add more red chillis and black pepper corn if you like) and is also served with ghee (clarrified butter) and jaggery.

For health conscious people, replace rice with brown rice. I have tried it with brown rice and tastes nice.