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Apple Banana Spinach Smoothie

My Undercover Spinach Recipes

Here is a recipe we prepare as a family constantly to get the health benefits of eating spinach. The apple banana spinach smoothie doubles as either a quick breakfast beverage or a tasty dessert to follow lunch or dinner. Trust me, is GREAT. The kids love it and if it weren't for the green color, you would not know that you are eating (well, drinking) spinach. Use organic or locally grown produce whenever possible.
Spinach smoothie
2 apples, sliced (core removed) We use granny smiths, but any type can work.
2 bananas, cut in chunks
1 sprig of mint (5-6 mint leaves)
2 cups (or 2 handfuls of organic baby spinach leaves)
1/2 cup apple juice (or water). you really only need just enough to cover the blade in the blender
1/2 cup ice, optional

Add ingredients to the blender and blend!

Makes 4 Servings.