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Makhane Popcorn (or Wheat puff popcorn)

Makhane Popcorn or wheat puff popcornWhen kids are at home they always want something to munch on. As a conscious parent you want them to have good eating habits and do not want them eating unhealthy junk food like chips and cheetos all the time. Here’s a fun and healthy alternative munch-time snack that kids can prepare themselves.

1 cup Makhane (substitute wheat puffs)
2 tsp ghee or melted butter
salt to taste

Mix the makhane and ghee in a microwaveable bowl. Make sure the makhane are coated with ghee. I prefer ceramic bowls to plastic bowls. Microwave the bowl with its ingredients for 1 minute on high power. Take the bowl out of the microwave and add salt per taste. Allow the makhane to cool. Enjoy crispy makhane popcorn. Makhane can be bought at most Indian Grocery Stores. You can substitute makhane with wheat puffs. They are found at most grocery stores, including Kroger, in the cereal aisle.